Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney, a gifted and standout American actress, is recognized for her roles in the hit projects “The Craft” (portraying Sarah Bailey) and “The Mentalist” (playing Teresa Lisbon). Her admirers appreciate her for the depth she brings to her roles, allowing audiences to deeply connect with her characters.

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Robin Tunney

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June 19, 1972

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Chicago, Illinois, USA





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5' 4" (1.63 m)


115 lbs (52 kg)



Early life

Born in the summer of 1972 in Chicago, Illinois, Robin Jessica Tunney grew up in a bustling household as the daughter of Irish immigrant parents. Her father worked in car sales, while her mother was a bartender, making for a modest family life. In addition to Robin, her family included her older brother Patrick and sister Susan. Initially, Robin did not dream of pursuing acting.

While attending Carl Sandburg High School, Robin not only excelled academically but also engaged passionately in singing, music, and dance. She actively participated in school events, theater productions, and concerts. It was her frequent performances on the school stage that ignited her desire to pursue acting. Eager to follow this artistic path, she enrolled in an arts academy to hone her craft.


A young Robin Tunney


Following her completion of art school, the aspiring actress ventured to Los Angeles, driven by a quest for fresh prospects and an aspiration to make her mark in Hollywood. Presently, her impressive filmography includes roles in over fifty-four productions, showcasing her as a versatile talent capable of navigating through a spectrum of cinematic genres with ease, from heart-wrenching dramas to light-hearted comedies.

Initially, Robin’s career was primarily rooted in television, where she took on guest roles in series, notably “Law & Order.” This experience proved invaluable, paving the way for her breakthrough role in “Encino Man” in 1992, a comedy that swiftly elevated her profile within the industry.

Her participation in “Empire Records” further solidified her status, capturing the attention of prominent filmmakers and broadening her portfolio with diverse roles. Remarkably, for this film, she underwent a significant transformation by shaving her head, demonstrating her dedication to her craft. This role significantly boosted her career, endearing her to a wide audience appreciative of her commitment to authenticity in her performances.

By the early 2000s, Robin Tunney had established herself as a sought-after and well-compensated actress in Hollywood, sharing screen space with celebrities like Christian Slater and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her exceptional performances have been recognized with numerous accolades, including a prestigious award at the Venice Film Festival for her compelling portrayal in “Niagara, Niagara.”

The film, a poignant narrative of two young lovers grappling with Tourette syndrome, showcases their struggle for love and survival. Her role in “Open Window” also garnered her critical acclaim, earning her an award at the Boston Film Festival. The drama delves into the lives of Peter, a photographer, and Isabel, a teacher, as they navigate through the aftermath of a devastating tragedy, seeking to rediscover hope and joy in their lives together.

Among her repertoire, Robin has tackled a variety of leading roles in notable projects such as “The Craft,” “Paparazzi,” “Runaway,” and the enthralling series “The Mentalist,” where she had the opportunity to work closely with an ensemble cast including Tim Kang, Amanda Righetti, Simon Baker, Josie Loren, Morena Baccarin, and Owain Yeoman.

Her vocal talents have also been featured in popular animations like “Robot Chicken,” and she has participated in documentary projects. Frequently gracing the covers of fashion magazines, she has also made her mark as a model. In recent times, Robin has chosen to focus more on her family life, taking on fewer film roles. Her notable recent work includes “The Fix” (2019) and “Horse Girl” (2020), projects that continue to highlight her as a successful and sought-after talent in Hollywood.


Robin Tunney in The Craft

Robin Tunney Movies and TV Shows

  • 2008–2017

    The Mentalist

    Teresa Lisbon

  • 2008

    The Burning Plain


  • 2006

    The Darwin Awards


  • 2005–2017

    Prison Break

    Veronica Donovan

  • 2004–2012


    Rebecca Adler

  • 2003

    The In-Laws

    Angela Harris

  • 2000

    Vertical Limit

    Annie Garrett

  • 1999

    End of Days

    Christine York

  • 1996

    The Craft

    Sarah Bailey

  • 1992

    Encino Man



Robin Tunney and Simon Baker in The Mentalist

Personal life

Despite her appealing looks and remarkable talent, Robin Tunney spent a significant portion of her life single, dedicating her energy entirely to her career in acting. It wasn’t until 1997, at the age of 25, that she entered into matrimony with the renowned filmmaker, actor, and director Bob Gosse, who was born in 1963.

Their paths crossed on the set of “Niagara, Niagara,” a film directed by Gosse. Yet, their union was short-lived, dissolving after just five years in 2002. Despite being celebrated as one of Hollywood’s most visually stunning duos, they parted ways. Later, Tunney found love again with Andrew Dominik, the creative mind behind the acclaimed movie “Chopper.”

This relationship, much like her first, was brief, enduring for only about two years and did not result in the birth of any children, a dream that Tunney harbored deeply. Following her second separation, she remained single for a considerable duration. However, in 2012, Tunney’s longing for a familial bond was realized when she got engaged and subsequently tied the knot with esteemed interior designer Nicky Marmet.

The joy of parenthood blessed the couple in 2016 with the birth of their son, Oscar, and again in 2020, with the arrival of their daughter, Colette Kathleen. Despite her profound affection for her family, Tunney has managed to maintain a balance between her domestic life and her professional endeavors in the acting world. She goes to great lengths to keep her family life away from the limelight and the rumormongers.

As of 2022, the couple has shared a decade of life together, residing in their Los Angeles home. Tunney keeps herself in prime condition with regular workouts and a nutritious diet. In 2000, she was acknowledged by Maxim magazine as one of the world’s most beautiful women, securing the 59th spot in their ranking.

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