Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti is a thriving actress and accomplished producer. She achieved her peak fame through her portrayal of Special Agent Grace Van Pelt in the show “The Mentalist”. Amanda made her initial big screen debut in 1995. Currently, she is actively pursuing her career in the film industry. It’s noteworthy that Amanda tends to gravitate towards long-standing television projects, and her appearances in feature films are relatively infrequent.

What we know about this person

Full name:

Amanda Righetti

Date of birth:

April 4, 1983

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St. George, Utah, USA





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5' 8" (1.73 m)


127 lbs (58 kg)


actress, model, producer

Early life

Born on April 4, 1983, in St. George, Utah, Amanda Righetti hails from a large family. As the youngest of eight children, with an older brother and six sisters, she was raised in Las Vegas, where her childhood unfolded. Even at the tender age of four, Amanda’s parents noticed her natural talent and unwavering attraction to the stage, leading them to enroll their youngest daughter in a dance school.

From an early age, Amanda herself was aware of her primary dream and goal—to perform in front of an audience. Throughout her formative years, she actively participated in theatrical productions, and her undeniable charm caught the attention of a modeling agency. Consequently, Amanda was offered opportunities to feature in advertisements for children’s clothing. However, the realization of her ultimate aspiration still eluded her, prompting her decision to embark on a journey to Los Angeles after completing high school—a city renowned for its artistic pursuits.


Amanda Righetti in Capitan America: The First Avenger

Early career

During the early years of her acting journey, Amanda Righetti strived to make a name for herself by actively participating in auditions and castings. Initially, she landed small or episodic roles. To supplement her acting pursuits, Amanda took on additional responsibilities as a producer for commercials and short films on local television. She garnered experience by being involved in both popular and lesser-known TV series such as “North Shore” and “No Place Like Home.”

Furthermore, in the early stages of her acting career, Amanda occasionally engaged in commercial video productions. In 1997, she appeared in an episode of the comedic detective series “Kiss & Tell.” Three years later, her name appeared in the credits of the renowned detective thriller “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” which revolved around crime investigations in Las Vegas. In this series, Amanda portrayed a minor character.

In 2003, Amanda Righetti’s luck turned around when she secured a major role in the project “No Place Like Home.” Although the series was canceled after the pilot episode, the relatively unknown actress caught the attention of the prominent company “Fox”, who invited her to join the cast of the renowned TV show “The O.C.”. This marked Amanda’s first significant breakthrough in her career. In 2005, her slender figure and captivating allure captured the attention of “FHM” magazine, earning her the honor of gracing the cover in a swimsuit.

The year 2007 saw the release of the film “Return to House on Haunted Hill,” where Amanda Righetti portrayed one of the sisters trapped in an abandoned mental hospital, landing her a leading role. The film was promptly released on DVD, garnering a mixed response from audiences and film critics alike. Soon after, Amanda made her return to the screen in the Hollywood comedy “Role Models,” providing her with an opportunity to showcase her comedic skills for the first time.

“The Mentalist” series

In 2008, Amanda Righetti embarked on a significant endeavor that would ultimately bring her immense public recognition. This was the detective series “The Mentalist,” a highly successful project created by Bruno Heller. For her involvement in the show, Amanda received a substantial fee of approximately $75,000. She had the fortune of portraying the character of special agent Grace Van Pelt. Throughout the seven seasons of “The Mentalist,” audiences were captivated by Amanda’s charming and courageous on-screen persona.

The majority of episodes were filmed in Los Angeles, with some scenes also taking place in Sacramento. The series received a warm reception and garnered praise not only from regular viewers but also from critics. The impressive ratings of the show spoke for themselves. In 2015, production on the project concluded, and it was broadcast on the television channel “CBS”. Following her work on “The Mentalist,” Amanda accumulated a large and devoted fan base, subsequently receiving numerous invitations to participate in new projects.

Amanda Righetti Movies and TV Shows

  • 2016–2018


    Maddie Kenner

  • 2012

    Shadow of Fear (also known as Dangerous Attraction)

    Casey Cooper

  • 2011

    Captain America: The First Avenger

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

  • 2011

    Wandering Eye

    Maron Abbott

  • 2009

    Friday the 13th

    Whitney Miller

  • 2008–2015

    The Mentalist

    Grace Van Pelt

  • 2008

    Role Models


  • 2007

    Return to House on Haunted Hill

    Ariel Wolfe

  • 2004–2005

    North Shore

    Tessa Lewis

  • 2003–2007

    The O.C.

    Hailey Nichol

Talk Shows

  • 2010

    The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

    Role: Guest


Amanda Righetti in The Mentalist

Filming in other projects

In 2009, Amanda once again took on a leading role in the film “Friday the 13th.” The movie proved to be a commercial success at the box office, although it received mixed reviews from critics. Following this, Amanda appeared in the premiere of the melodrama “The Chateau Meroux” and subsequently joined the cast of the series “Chicago Fire.” In 2014, she secured a role in the project “Chicago P.D.” and also starred in the film “Love at the Shore.” Notably, in the thriller “Cats Dancing on Jupiter,” Amanda took on the dual role of an actress and co-producer.

In 2011, Amanda Righetti made a brief appearance in “Captain America: The First Avenger” in a small but memorable role as a SHIELD agent. Although her screen time was limited, her presence added an intriguing layer to the espionage elements of the film, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

In 2016, Amanda joined the cast of the TV series “Colony,” which garnered positive reviews from film critics but had a mixed response from audiences. She portrayed Maddie Kenner, the sister of the main character. The show ran for three seasons before coming to a close in 2018. From 2019 to 2020, Amanda Righetti participated in the filming of the series “L.A.’s Finest.” Currently, it has been announced that the actress is starring in the upcoming film “Reagan,” although the exact release date is yet to be confirmed.


Wallpaper featuring Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti’s personal life and family

In 2006, Amanda Righetti tied the knot with director and screenwriter Jordan Alan, who is 16 years her senior. Their wedding ceremony took place in Hawaii. During the filming of the TV series “The Mentalist,” Amanda was pregnant, but clever camera angles were employed to conceal her pregnancy from the audience. In her portrayal of Grace Van Pelt, she was seen behind the wheel of a car, engaged in paperwork, or working on a computer. When it was time for the actress to give birth, her character conveniently attended training courses within the storyline.

In 2013, the couple welcomed their son, whom they named Knox Addison Alan. Amanda shared warm and joyful family photos with her followers on social media platforms. However, the marital bliss between Amanda and Jordan was not destined to last forever. According to information from the widely-used online encyclopedia “Wikipedia,” the couple divorced in 2017.

Published: June 23, 2023
Updated: June 24, 2024