Elisabeth Harnois

Elisabeth Harnois

Elisabeth Harnois, an acclaimed American actress, initiated her acting journey as a young girl. Initially cast in roles that mirrored her youthful image, Harnois’ inherent talent and aspiration for growth enabled her to transition into more mature and complex characters. She gained considerable fame for her notable performances in the television series “Miami Medical” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

What we know about this person

Full name:

Elisabeth Harnois

Date of birth:

May 26, 1979

Zodiac sign:



Detroit, Michigan, USA





Marital status:



5' 4" (1.64 m)


115 lbs (52 kg)



Early life

Born on May 26, 1979, in Detroit, Michigan, Elisabeth Rose Harnois is the daughter of a hairdresser mother and a programmer father. At the tender age of two, the Harnois family relocated to Los Angeles, setting the stage for Elisabeth’s future in acting. Growing up, Elisabeth was the eldest of five children, with four younger brothers. She completed her high school education at Canyon Springs High School, later pursuing film studies at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, graduating in 2001.


Elisabeth’s early exposure to the entertainment industry came at the age of five, with roles in films such as “One Magic Christmas” and “Where Are the Children?” She became a familiar face in commercials until Disney cast her as Alice in “Adventures in Wonderland” in 1991, a role that earned her a Young Artist Award nomination.

Throughout the early 1990s, Elisabeth appeared in supporting roles across various television series, including “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “The Client,” and “Unhappily Ever After.” Her first significant role came in 1998 as Hallie Richmond, the president’s daughter, in “My Date With the President’s Daughter,” featuring alongside Will Friedle and Dabney Coleman.

Despite her evident dramatic talent, it took some time for directors to recognize her potential beyond teenage roles. Her breakthrough arrived in 2005 with the series “Point Pleasant,” where she portrayed Christina Nickson, a young woman grappling with the aftermath of a storm.

Elisabeth’s career trajectory shifted as she began embracing roles with greater depth. She appeared in “Pretty Persuasion” with Evan Rachel Wood and guest-starred in series like “Charmed,” “Criminal Minds,” “Cold Case,” and “Without a Trace.” In 2007, she joined “One Tree Hill” as Shelly Simon.

In 2008, Harnois starred in the melodrama “Keith” alongside Jesse McCartney, portraying a schoolgirl with a substantial dramatic role. Following this, she played the lead in the thriller “Solstice,” co-starring Shawn Ashmore. 2009 saw Elisabeth in “A Single Man” with Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult, and Julianne Moore. She then played Dr. Serena Warren in “Miami Medical,” a role that showcased her versatility. Though the show was popular, it did not extend beyond its first season.

Elisabeth joined “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in 2011 as Morgan Brody, transitioning from a guest role to a series regular. She remained a pivotal character until the show’s conclusion in 2015 and reprised her role in “CSI: Immortality.”


Elisabeth Harnois in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Elisabeth Harnois Movies and TV Shows

  • 2011–2015

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Morgan Brody

  • 2009

    A Single Man

    Young Woman

  • 2008


    The Blonde Blended

  • 2008


    Natalie Anderson

  • 2007

    Chaos Theory

    Jesse Allen

  • 2007

    One Tree Hill

    Shelley Simon

  • 2007


    Megan / Sophie

  • 2006

    Ten Inch Hero


  • 2005

    Criminal Minds

    Trish Davenport / Cheryl Davenport

  • 2000




Elisabeth Harnois in One Tree Hill

Talk Shows

  • 2011

    Made in Hollywood

    Role: Guest

  • 2010

    Entertainment Tonight

    Role: Guest

Elisabeth Harnois’ personal life and family

In her personal life, Elisabeth maintains a low profile, particularly on social media, and is private about her relationships. Known for leading an active and healthy lifestyle, she has expressed a preference for Pilates as her exercise of choice.

Elisabeth Harnois now

As for her current pursuits, Elisabeth has been less visible in new acting projects. Her most recent works include several Christmas television films made between 2018 and 2019. Residing in Los Angeles, she remains open to new acting opportunities, as evidenced by her social media activity. On a recent birthday, she expressed a wish to land another role in a horror movie, hinting at her ongoing passion for acting.

Published: January 11, 2024
Updated: June 24, 2024