Victor Howard Webster

Victor Webster

Victor Webster, a multifaceted actor and model with Canadian roots, has left his mark across an array of film genres, spanning from lighthearted rom-coms to intense thrillers. His portrayal in the series “Mutant X” stands out as a significant highlight in his career, earning him acclaim well beyond the borders of North America.

What we know about this person

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Victor Howard Webster

Date of birth:

February 7, 1973

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Calgary, Canada




USA, Canada

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6' 5" (1.96 m)



Early life

Born on February 7, 1973, in Calgary, Canada, Victor Howard Webster is the epitome of a cultural mosaic, blending Spanish, French, German, Scottish, and Italian heritage. During his youth, Victor was known for his spirited and sometimes rebellious nature, frequently finding himself in conflict and skirmishes, leading to numerous complaints from his educational institutions. Recognizing the need to channel their son’s energy into a positive outlet, his parents sought a solution.

His journey into martial arts began when his father enrolled him in taekwondo classes in San Clemente, following the familyccs relocation. This new discipline profoundly transformed Victor, instilling in him a sense of purpose and self-control. His achievements in martial arts, including earning a black belt in taekwondo and accumulating an impressive amateur kickboxing record, demonstrated his commitment and skill. He even took on the role of instructing martial arts to younger children, showcasing his leadership and teaching abilities.

Despite his success in the sporting world, Victor felt a deeper calling towards the performing arts. This newfound passion for theater was so compelling that, after graduating from high school, he made the decisive move to further his education in acting. Pursuing his aspirations led him to Mission Viejo, California, where he enrolled in Saddleback College, thereby beginning his American adventure and setting the stage for his future in acting.


Victor Webster’s journey into the entertainment world wasn’t an immediate success. Post-college, he diligently worked as a stockbroker for a global firm, while yearning for a more fulfilling path. This discontent pushed him to globetrot in search of inspiration. However, his determination remained unshaken. Following the completion of additional acting workshops, he found opportunities in advertising campaigns.

His modeling career soon took off, leading to a feature on the cover of “Cosmopolitan” magazine’s special issue, “All About Men,” in 1998. This exposure opened doors to further modeling work, including a stint for “Playgirl,” the female-focused counterpart to “Playboy.” This exposure enabled him to relocate to Los Angeles and audition for various roles, ultimately securing his first acting gig.

Webster’s on-screen debut occurred in the series “Days of Our Lives,” where, despite a supporting role, he made appearances across three episodes — a commendable start for the newcomer. His role garnered attention and led to a more substantial part in the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” bringing him widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Nicholas Alamain.

After departing the series in 2000, he took on various smaller projects until a significant breakthrough came in 2001. Avi Arad cast him as Brennan Mulwray in the science fiction series “Mutant X,” centered on individuals with superhuman abilities. Webster starred throughout the show’s three-season run, which ultimately concluded the series.

His role in “Mutant X” catapulted him into the spotlight, earning him a reputation as a new generation’s sex symbol. In 2002, “People” magazine recognized him as one of the 50 most desirable bachelors, further boosting his profile. This visibility led to a guest appearance on the critically acclaimed “Sex and the City,” enhancing his professional portfolio and appeal for future collaborations.

Webster’s subsequent roles were increasingly significant, keeping him busy with back-to-back projects. His schedule became so packed that he had to decline other opportunities to focus on filming eight episodes of “Charmed.” The variety of offers allowed him to explore diverse characters and styles, facilitating his growth as an actor.

His cinematic breakthrough came with the lead role in “The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption.” Despite mixed reviews, Webster’s performance was well-received. This role led to a partnership with the “Hallmark Channel,” where he starred in 13 projects. In 2019, Netflix approached him to join “Workin’ Moms,” a series that continues to engage audiences.


Victor Webster and Alyssa Milano in Charmed

Victor Howard Webster Movies and TV Shows

  • 2020–2022

    Motherland: Fort Salem

    Blanton Silver

  • 2012–2015


    Carlos Fonnegra

  • 2009–2016


    Josh Davidson

  • 2009–2014

    White Collar (episode “Gloves Off”)

    Eric Dunham

  • 2009



  • 2005–2020

    Criminal Minds (episode “Paradise”)

    William Hodges

  • 2005–2017

    Bones (episode “The Death Of The Queen Bee”)

    Brad Benson

  • 2000–2015

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (episode “Brain Doe”)

    Bill Pernin

  • 1998–2006



  • 1998–2004

    Sex and the City (episode “To Market, To Market”)

    Chip Kil-Kinney

Victor Webster’s personal life and family

Victor Webster has called the United States home for many years, but his heart remains Canadian. His father, John Webster, served as a law enforcement officer, while his mother, Roswitha, was a stylist. His parents have always provided unwavering support, guiding him throughout his early life and career decisions until he moved to America. Victor keeps in touch with his parents, who still reside in Canada.

In February 2021, Victor announced his engagement to Shantel VanSanten, whom he met on the filming set of “Love Blossoms” in 2016. Their relationship blossomed quickly, leading to their marriage in October 2021. The couple separated in September 2023. There were also speculations about Victor’s romantic involvements with various co-stars, including Krista Allen, which was a hot topic in the 90s.


A young Victor Webster


Victor Webster with ex-wife Shantel VanSanten

Victor Webster now

Today, Victor Webster is fully engaged in his profession as an actor. Beyond the camera, he indulges in photography, capturing moments that catch his eye. A fervent animal enthusiast, his social media is filled with clips of playful interactions with dogs, reflecting his love for pets. Webster also dedicates time to martial arts, holding a black belt in taekwondo, along with two bronze medals from world championships, and has mastered Brazilian jiu-jitsu, earning a black belt in this discipline as well.

Published: March 12, 2024
Updated: April 17, 2024