Suzana Drobnjaković

Suzana Drobnjaković

Sasha Alexander, a renowned American actress and producer, holds a unique heritage of Serbian and Italian descent. She gained significant popularity for her captivating performances in various television projects. Her most recognizable roles include the intelligent Dr. Maura Isles in the series “Rizzoli & Isles” and the dynamic Special Agent Caitlin Todd in “NCIS.”

What we know about this person

Full name:

Suzana Drobnjaković


Sasha Alexander

Date of birth:

May 17, 1973

Zodiac sign:



Los Angeles, California, USA





Marital status:

Married to Carlo Ponti




5' 5" (1.65 m)


126 lbs (57 kg)


actor, director

Early life

Born Suzana Drobnjaković on May 17, 1973, Sasha Alexander grew up in a richly cultural environment, with an Italian father and a Serbian mother. This multiethnic background equipped her with fluency in both Italian and Serbian languages. Her childhood was filled with the affectionate nickname “Sasha,” a shortened form of “Alexander,” which her brother often used. This personal moniker eventually inspired her to adopt it as her professional stage name, symbolizing both her heritage and personal identity.

From a young age, Sasha’s artistic inclinations were evident. Her passion for the performing arts first came to light in the 7th grade when she was chosen to participate in the school play “Baby.” Parallel to her growing interest in acting, Sasha was also an avid figure skater. However, an unforeseen leg injury forced her to abandon skating, inadvertently steering her towards a more focused pursuit of acting.


Sasha Alexander in NCIS

Suzana Drobnjaković Movies and TV Shows

  • 2011–2021


    Helen Runyon

  • 2010–2016

    Rizzoli & Isles

    Dr. Maura Isles

  • 2009

    Love Happens

    Jessica (photographer)

  • 2008

    Yes Man

    Lucy Burns

  • 2008

    He’s Just Not That Into You


  • 2006

    Mission: Impossible III

    Melissa Meade

  • 2004–2012

    House M.D. (episode “The Down Low”)


  • 2003–...


    Special Agent Caitlin Todd

  • 2000–2015

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Episode “Alter Boys”)

    District Attorney Robin Childs

  • 1994–2004

    Friends (episode “The One with Joey’s Interview”)



Sasha’s devotion to acting continued to flourish through her high school and college years, ultimately leading her to the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. There, she immersed herself in the craft, absorbing valuable lessons from esteemed professors and honing her skills. Upon completing her Bachelor of Arts degree, she embarked on a journey to conquer the world of theatre. Her first significant step in this direction was her participation in the New York Shakespeare Festival, where she portrayed Katherine in “The Taming of the Shrew.”

Following her successful stint in New York, Sasha toured the country with various theatre troupes, further refining her acting prowess. Her first major break in television came with the 1999 series “Wasteland,” a narrative centered around the lives of six friends navigating post-college challenges. Sasha’s portrayal of Jesse Presser, a journalist obsessed with urban dating, received acclaim for its relatability and depth. This role marked the beginning of her ascent in the television industry.

The conclusion of “Wasteland” led to a new opportunity for Sasha in the popular teen drama “Dawson’s Creek.” The series, created by Kevin Williamson, partially mirrored his own life in a small American town. It depicted a close-knit group of friends transitioning from childhood to adolescence, grappling with first loves, sexual experiences, and personal growth. Sasha played Gretchen Witter, the sister of one of the main characters, contributing to the show’s intricate narrative. Her performance alongside young stars like Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson added a fresh dynamic to the series.

In the children’s television sitcom “Greg the Bunny,” Sasha took on the role of Laura Carlson, a lesbian TV Guide reporter. This character required her to explore complex emotional dynamics, including a memorable scene with her on-screen partner, Sarah Silverman. That same year, Sasha made a guest appearance in the beloved series “Friends,” playing a soap opera interviewer. Her character, a reporter for “Soap Opera Digest,” interviewed Joey, adding a humorous twist to the show’s narrative.

Sasha’s next significant role was in the hit series “NCIS,” where she played Special Agent Kate Todd. Her character was central to the plot and became a fan favorite over the first few seasons. However, when Sasha decided to leave the show, the writers chose to kill off her character in a shocking twist, deviating from the norm of preserving main characters in television series.

Sasha’s brief appearance as Melissa in “Mission: Impossible III,” produced by Tom Cruise, who also starred, was a memorable experience. Although it didn’t bring her significant acclaim, it was a valuable addition to her growing filmography. Three years later, she starred alongside A-list actors in the romantic comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Her co-stars included Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, and Scarlett Johansson, further solidifying her position in Hollywood.

The most impactful role in Sasha’s career came with the detective series “Rizzoli & Isles.” She played Dr. Maura Isles, the best medical examiner in Boston, known for her intelligence and encyclopedic knowledge. The show quickly captured the hearts of viewers, and Sasha’s popularity soared as she brilliantly unraveled complex murder mysteries alongside her co-star.


Sasha Alexander alongside Angie Harmon, her co-star from Rizzoli & Isles

Sasha Alexander’s personal life and family

In her personal life, Sasha Alexander has been married twice. Her first marriage to screenwriter and director Luka Pecel ended in annulment. In 2007, she married Edoardo Ponti, son of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, with whom she has two children, Lucia Sofia and Leonardo Fortunato.

Talk Shows

  • 2015


    Role: Guest

  • 2014

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Role: Guest

  • 2014


    Role: Guest

  • 2012

    The Talk

    Role: Guest

  • 2011

    Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Role: Guest


Sasha Alexander in Dawson's Creek

Sasha Alexander now

Recently, Sasha starred in the 2020 detective thriller “Dangerous Lies.” In this film, she played Detective Chesler, investigating a complex case involving a young caretaker who inherits a fortune. Critics and audiences lauded her performance, particularly for her confident and emotive portrayal.

Published: December 7, 2023
Updated: June 24, 2024