Genevieve Nicole Padalecki

Genevieve Padalecki

Genevieve Padalecki, an accomplished and versatile actress recognized for her work in both film and television, first garnered widespread acclaim through her standout performances in the TV series “Wildfire” and “Supernatural.” These roles not only showcased her range as an actress but also established her as a familiar face to audiences worldwide. Some of her notable film appearances include roles in “Hated,” “Salted Nuts,” and “Life Is Short.”

What we know about this person

Full name:

Genevieve Nicole Padalecki

Date of birth:

January 8, 1981

Zodiac sign:



San Francisco, California, USA





Marital status:

Married to Jared Padalecki




5' 3" (1.61 m)


126 lbs (57 kg)



Early life

Born Jennifer Nicole Cortese, Genevieve Nicole Padalecki entered the world on January 8, 1981, in San Francisco. Details about her parents remain largely unknown, as she seldom discusses her father, mother, or other family members publicly. Nonetheless, she has shared that her heritage includes Flemish, Italian, and French roots.

As the oldest sibling, Genevieve grew up with a sister, Sarah, and two brothers, Ben and John. She experienced a typical schooling life. At the age of 10, she relocated with her family from Montana to Idaho, settling in Sun Valley, a picturesque resort town in the western U.S.

Genevieve’s interest in acting sparked early, especially in theater. During her teenage years, she frequently took part in amateur stage productions. Following high school, she joined a local theater group, where she regularly performed, notably in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Genevieve pursued further education at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Living in New York City, she balanced her studies with ongoing theater work. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama and a Bachelor of Arts in English. At 21, she chose to go by the name Genevieve.


Genevieve Padalecki in Supernatural


Genevieve’s cinema debut came in 2004 with the film “Death Valley,” where she played a character named Amber alongside actors Vince Vieluf, Dash Mihok, Eric Christian Olsen, and Rider Strong. During this time, she discovered a growing fondness for film acting over theater. Her television debut happened in 2005 with an appearance in “The Dead Zone,” starring Anthony Michael Hall and Nicole de Boer.

That year, Genevieve also acted in the short film “Unraveled” and the comedy “Kids in America.” She gained international recognition with her leading role as troubled teen Kristine Furillo-Davis, or “Kris,” in the hit series “Wildfire,” which premiered in 2005 on ABC Family and continued until 2008.

In “Wildfire,” she starred alongside Nana Visitor, Nicole Tubiola, Micah Alberti, and Greg Serano, among others. This series remains a significant part of her identity to American audiences, alongside other prominent roles in her career. Genevieve’s film appearances include “Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas,” “Salted Nuts,” “Life Is Short,” and “Hated.” In 2008, she joined the cast of “Supernatural” and was later seen in “FlashForward” with Joseph Fiennes, Jack Davenport, and John Cho.

Genevieve Nicole Padalecki Movies and TV Shows

  • 2021–...


    Emily Walker

  • 2012



  • 2008–2020



  • 2009–2010


    Tracy Stark

  • 2005–2008


    Kris Furillo

  • 2006

    Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas

    Toga Girl

  • 2006

    Life Is Short


  • 2005

    The Dead Zone

    Chloe Gregg / Laura Tierney

  • 2005

    Kids in America

    Ashley Harris

  • 2004

    Death Valley


Talk Shows

  • 2023

    The Talk

    Role: Guest

  • 2021

    Entertainment Tonight

    Role: Guest

Genevieve Padalecki’s personal life and family

Genevieve Padalecki is wed to actor Jared Padalecki, known for “Gilmore Girls” and “Walker.” Their paths crossed in 2008 on the “Supernatural” set, where Genevieve played the demon Ruby. They tied the knot in February 2010. The couple’s first child, Thomas Colton, was born in March 2012, followed by a son, Austin Shepherd, in December 2013, and a daughter, Odette Elliott, in March 2017.


Jared and Genevieve Padalecki

Genevieve Padalecki now

Lately, Genevieve Padalecki has stepped back from frequent acting roles, focusing primarily on her family and home life. Nevertheless, she occasionally returns to the screen in small roles. In 2021, she joined “Walker,” starring her husband Jared in the lead. Invited by Jared, Genevieve portrayed Emily, marking her first TV role in years. She continued this role into the second and third seasons of “Walker,” working alongside actors like Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen, Violet Brinson, Kale Culley, Coby Bell, Jeff Pierre, and Mitch Pileggi.

Published: January 10, 2024
Updated: May 30, 2024