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Danneel Ackles

Danneel Ackles, known in her early career as Danneel Harris, is an American actress and model, married to Jensen Ackles. Her filmography includes roles in “Rule Number One,” “Ten Inch Hero,” “The Back-up Plan,” and “The Roommate,” alongside appearances in television series such as “Supernatural,” “Joey,” and “Friends with Benefits,” amassing more than 30 roles across cinema and TV.

What we know about this person

Full name:

Elta Danneel Graul

Date of birth:

March 18, 1979

Zodiac sign:



Lafayette, Louisiana, USA





Marital status:

Married to Jensen Ackles




5' 6" (1.7 m)


127 lbs (58 kg)



Early life

Born Elta Danneel Graul on March 18, 1979, in Lafayette, Louisiana, she is the daughter of Edward E. Graul Jr., an ophthalmologist, and Deborah, a renowned interior designer. Danneel was brought up alongside her younger brother, Gino. Her lineage includes a mix of Irish, German, Sicilian, Scottish, English, and French ancestry, and she was named in honor of her great-grandmother.

Opting for a stage name, she initially used Danneel Harris, which she later updated to Ackles after marrying. The Ackles family initially resided in Lafayette before moving to Eunice, a small town nearby, where Danneel pursued her education through school and into college. While her early aspirations leaned towards modeling rather than acting, she managed to forge a successful path in the latter. Despite her success, Danneel does not hold a higher education degree.


Danneel Ackles in One Tree Hill


Danneel Ackles ventured from Louisiana to Los Angeles in the early 2000s, where she swiftly ascended to prominence as a model. Her alluring appearances in numerous high-fashion magazines and her representation of brands like Juicy Jeans and Big Sexy Hair spotlighted her in the modeling world. Danneel’s transition toward considering a career in acting came after gaining exposure through television commercials.

Her first significant acting role came in 2004 with the character Shannon McBain on “One Life to Live,” which marked her entry into fame. This role allowed her to rub shoulders with well-known actors like Erika Slezak, Bree Williamson, and Michael Easton, broadening her horizons in the acting domain. This opportunity led to further auditions for a variety of roles in both television and film.

The same year, Danneel featured in the short film “The Plight of Clownana,” acting alongside Nicole Bilderback, Danny Adams, and Tom Choi. This experience was followed by several guest appearances in TV shows such as “Charmed” alongside Alyssa Milano, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” with William Petersen, “What I Like About You” featuring Amanda Bynes, and “Joey” starring Matt LeBlanc.

In 2005, Danneel Harris became part of the ensemble in “One Tree Hill,” joining forces with Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, and Chad Michael Murray to portray Rachel Gatina. The subsequent years saw her in roles across a variety of series, including “How I Met Your Mother” with Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris, “Free Radio” with Anna Vocino, “Trust Me” starring Eric McCormack, and “Supernatural” where she appeared alongside Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Mark Pellegrino.

Her film appearances include roles in “Rule Number One” opposite Danielle Panabaker, “Ten Inch Hero” with Elisabeth Harnois, “The Back-up Plan” alongside Nicholas D’Agosto, “The Roommate” featuring Leighton Meester, and “I Hate That I Love You” with Anna Camp. Following her marriage, Danneel Ackles took on significant projects. Notably, she landed the leading female role in “Friends with Benefits,” sharing the limelight with Ryan Hansen, Andre Holland, Elle Young, Jessica Lucas, and Zach Cregger.

Elta Danneel Graul Movies and TV Shows

  • 2018–2020


    Sister Jo / Anael

  • 2011

    The Roommate

    Irene Crew

  • 2010

    Ten Inch Hero

    Platisha 'Tish' Madison

  • 2010

    The Back-up Plan


  • 2008

    How I Met Your Mother

    Nora Zinman

  • 2008

    Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

    Vanessa Fanning

  • 2007

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Shasta McCloud

  • 2005–2010

    One Tree Hill

    Rachel Gatina

  • 2005


    New Paige Matthews

  • 2004


    London / Katie Harper

Danneel Ackles’ personal life and family

Danneel Ackles is happily married to Jensen Ackles, widely recognized for portraying Dean Winchester on “Supernatural.” It was on the set of this series that their paths first crossed. The pair made their engagement public in November 2009 and exchanged vows on May 15, 2010, in a ceremony held just outside Dallas, Texas. Subsequently, Danneel opted to adopt her spouse’s last name, altering her stage name accordingly.

In early 2013, the duo excitedly announced they were expecting their first child. They welcomed their daughter, Justice Jay, fondly known as J.J., into the world on May 30, 2013. By August 2016, they joyfully shared news of the impending arrival of twins, and on December 2, Arrow Rhodes and Zeppelin Bram were born, expanding their family. This joyful quartet has made their home in Austin, nestled in the heart of Texas.


Danneel Ackles on Supernatural

Danneel Ackles now

Danneel Ackles shares her life with Jensen Ackles, famously known for his role as Dean Winchester in the television series “Supernatural,” where the couple initially met. They announced their plans to marry in November 2009 and celebrated their wedding on May 15, 2010, in a location near Dallas, Texas. After their marriage, Danneel chose to take on her husband’s surname, reflecting this change in her professional identity as well.

The couple was thrilled to reveal in early 2013 that they were expecting their first child. Their daughter, affectionately nicknamed J.J., was born on May 30, 2013, and named Justice Jay. In August 2016, the Ackles announced they were looking forward to the birth of their twins. The family welcomed Arrow Rhodes and Zeppelin Bram on December 2, 2016, making their family circle even larger. The Ackles family has since settled in Austin, Texas, where they enjoy their life together.


Jensen and Danneel Ackles

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