Dalila Bela

Dalila Bela

Dalila Bela — Canadian actress, first gracing the screen at the tender age of 5. She has been featured in films, taken part in television endeavors, and lent her voice to animated productions. Among her most notable performances are Olive in the TV movie “Odd Squad” and Taylor Pringle in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

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Full name:

Dalila Bela

Date of birth:

October 5, 2001

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Montreal, Canada





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4' 11" (1.50 m)



Early life

Dalila Bela was welcomed into the world on October 5, 2001, in Montreal, Quebec. Her heritage is a rich tapestry that includes Panamanian from her father’s side, Brazilian from her mother’s, and traces of Jewish, Spanish, English, and French ancestry. Bela’s siblings, Bruce Salomon and Raphael Alejandro, although younger, have also made names for themselves in the realms of film and television. Presently, Bela resides in California.

Information about Bela’s schooling is scarce. What is known is that she made her screen debut at 5, featuring in a nationwide advertisement. Recognized as the best actress of the year shortly thereafter, her family relocated to Vancouver to provide her with greater opportunities to nurture her budding career. From 2009, Dalila’s vibrant presence in movies and TV series began to shine, earning her numerous accolades.


Dalila Bela’s film career commenced with “The Stranger” in 2010. Her portrayal in the Canadian-American thriller by Robert Lieberman, about an amnesiac FBI agent, earned her the “Young Artist” award. She shared the screen with Steve Austin and Erica Cerra. In the same year, she was cast in “Joanna Makes a Friend,” a role that brought her another “Young Artist” award.

In 2011, Dalila participated in a rendition of “Red Riding Hood,” a project backed by Leonardo DiCaprio. Though her part in the romantic horror was minor, the lead roles were filled by Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, and Shiloh Fernandez. Concurrently, Bela was featured in David Bowers’ comedy “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules,” alongside Zachary Gordon and Devon Bostick.

The film raked in $72,417,394 globally against a budget of $21 million. Dalila portrayed Taylor Pringle, a brash girl celebrating her birthday at a skating rink in the opening scenes. In this installment of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Greg Heffley comes home more self-assured than ever, only to discover that some things are more terrifying than school — like his family. Russian audiences embraced this family comedy.

Critics praised the film’s effortless humor, visual appeal, dynamic performances, subtlety, light-heartedness, and robust positive vibes. The following year, Dalila appeared in the horror film “Grave Encounters 2,” directed by John Poliquin, playing Kaitlin, a former Collingwood psychiatric hospital patient.

In the Canadian romantic comedy “That Burning Feeling” by Jason James, Dalila acted with Paulo Costanzo, Tyler Labine, and John Cho. The plot revolves around a carefree and somewhat licentious real estate agent who learns of an unfortunate illness. He must then track down recent partners and shock them with his revelation. In 2016, Bela landed one of the main roles in the children’s sci-fi film “The Adventure Club.”

Centered around three children, Sandy, Ricky, and Bill, who stumble upon a magical wish-granting box, they must protect their discovery from a covetous businessman. Bela also received numerous television offers, appearing in series like “Mrs. Miracle,” “Fringe,” and “Supernatural” in 2009.

For several years, she played minor roles until 2014 when she was cast as Agent Olive in the children’s educational series “Odd Squad.” The show follows the exploits of a fictional children’s organization that solves problems using mathematical skills. Dalila’s character, Olive, is a composed and animated girl with an inexplicable fear of pies.

She exited the series at the conclusion of the first season, with her character being promoted to oversee a new division. A year later, Dalila had a guest role in the fairy-tale TV series “Once Upon a Time,” which unfolds in both magical and real worlds. Her portrayal of Young Guinevere was highly convincing.


Dalila Bela (second from the right) with her co-stars from Odd Squad

Dalila Bela Movies and TV Shows

  • 2017–2019

    Anne with an E

    Diana Barry

  • 2014–2020

    The 100 (episode “Unity Day”)


  • 2013–2014

    The Tomorrow People (episode “Girl, Interrupted”)

    Kara’s sister

  • 2014

    Odd Squad

    Agent Olive

  • 2012

    Grave Encounters 2


  • 2012

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

    Taylor Pringle

  • 2011–2018

    Once Upon a Time (episode “The Broken Kingdom”)

    Young Guinevere

  • 2011

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

    Taylor Pringle

  • 2008

    Fringe (episode “Fracture”)

    Jenny Burgess

  • 2005–2020


    Little girl (episode “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”)


Dalila Bela in Anne with an E

Dalila Bela’s personal life and family

Currently a radiant 21-year-old, Dalila Bela is lively, joyful, and outgoing. She has yet to focus on romantic relationships, channeling her energy and attention towards her professional growth. A shared photo with her “Odd Squad” co-star, Filip Geljo, sparked rumors among fans, but the two are merely close friends, enjoying a solid friendship without any romantic undertones.

Dalila Bela now

Dalila Bela is active on social media, boasting over 160,000 followers. Her posts reflect her dedication to her craft, promoting her work, and sharing her love for culinary delights. Despite her young age, Dalila has amassed considerable wealth, with an estimated net worth ranging from $200,000 to $500,000.

Since 2018, she has taken on leading roles in two projects. The first was a children’s educational sci-fi telefilm with computer animation, “Ready Jet Go!,” where she played Sydney, a joyful Earth girl exploring space. The second was as Diana Barry in the Canadian series “Anne with an E,” a role that further elevated her fame.

Published: August 7, 2023
Updated: May 30, 2024