Samuel Lloyd Jr.

Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd was an American actor, musician, and singer celebrated for his distinctive charisma and talent. He led a lively and dynamic life, with a filmography that includes around 60 projects, mostly comedies. Lloyd became well-known for his portrayal of lawyer Ted Buckland in the sitcom “Scrubs” and its spin-off “Cougar Town.” Additionally, he made guest appearances in popular series such as “Desperate Housewives,” “Seinfeld,” and “Shameless.”

What we know about this person

Full name:

Samuel Lloyd Jr.

Date of birth:

November 12, 1963

Zodiac sign:



Weston, Vermont, USA

Date of death:

April 30, 2020

Age at death:

56 years old



Marital status:

Was married




5' 11" (1.8 m)


actor, musician

Early life

Samuel Lloyd Jr. was born on November 12, 1963, in Weston, Vermont. His parents were Marianna McGuffin and actor Samuel Lloyd Sr. Sam was one of five children in his family. He was the nephew of renowned actor Christopher Lloyd, famous for playing Emmett Brown in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Sam pursued his education at Syracuse University in New York.


Sam Lloyd in Scrubs


Sam Lloyd began his acting journey in the 1980s while still a student. He made his debut in the low-budget film “Fan Mail,” which he later referred to as a “homage to silent films.” In 1988, the aspiring actor appeared on television in a couple of episodes of the popular comedy series “Night Court,” first as a balloon vendor and then as a waiter.

By 1990, Lloyd secured a leading role in the short-lived sitcom “City.” He later made guest appearances in series such as “Matlock” and “Seinfeld.” In 1995, Sam joined the main cast of the comedy series “Double Rush.” Two years later, he portrayed Coach Willy Barker in the film “Flubber,” starring Robin Williams and Christopher McDonald.

In 1999, Lloyd played a supporting role in the sci-fi comedy “Galaxy Quest” alongside Tim Allen and Alan Rickman. In 2001, after several guest roles, he joined the cast of “Scrubs” as the bumbling lawyer Ted Buckland. He remained on the show for nine seasons, which made him well-known not just in America, but globally.

During his college years, Lloyd developed a strong interest in music. Along with friends, he formed the band The Blanks, writing songs for various projects and performing a cappella. “Scrubs” producer Bill Lawrence was so impressed with the group that he integrated them into the show’s storyline. Lloyd later reprised his role as Ted in the spin-offs “Cougar Town” and “Scrubs: Interns.”

While “Scrubs” was a significant part of Lloyd’s career in the 2000s, it wasn’t his only work. He starred in the psychological drama “The Mudge Boy,” which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and won a Grand Jury Award at Outfest. He also had a supporting role in the crime comedy “Back by Midnight,” though the film did not perform well at the box office.

In 2004, Lloyd appeared in the series “Desperate Housewives,” playing Dr. Albert Goldfine, the family counselor for Bree and Rex Van de Kamp (portrayed by Marcia Cross and Steven Culp). In 2005, Lloyd featured in an episode of “Malcolm in the Middle,” where his uncle Christopher Lloyd had previously been a guest star. He also occasionally participated in short films.

In the following years, Lloyd became a sought-after guest star in series such as “Medium,” “Bones,” “Shameless,” and others. He appeared in multiple episodes of “Modern Family.” Throughout his career, he continued his musical pursuits, becoming a guitarist and performer in a Beatles tribute band called The Butties. Emulating bassist Paul McCartney, Lloyd even learned to play the guitar left-handed.


Sam Lloyd in Desperate Housewives

Samuel Lloyd Jr. Movies and TV Shows

  • 2011–2021

    Shameless (episode “A Night to Remem... Wait, What?”)

    Buddy Diamond

  • 2009–2020

    Modern Family (episodes “Marco Polo”, “Pool Party”)

    Bobby / Lester

  • 2009–2018

    The Middle

    Mr. Walker

  • 2009–2015

    Cougar Town

    Ted Buckland

  • 2005–2017

    Bones (episode “The Puzzler in the Pit”)

    Donald McKeon

  • 2005–2011

    Medium (episode “Dead Meat”)

    Danny Watson

  • 2004–2012

    Desperate Housewives

    Dr. Albert Goldfine

  • 2001–2010


    Ted Buckland

  • 2000–2006

    Malcolm in the Middle (episode “Buseys Take a Hostage”)


  • 1999

    Galaxy Quest



Sam Lloyd and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfield

Sam Lloyd’s personal life and family

Sam Lloyd followed in the footsteps of his father and uncle, dedicating his life to a creative profession. While his work became his primary passion, he always valued his family. He was married to a woman named Vanessa, and in December 2018, they welcomed a son, Weston. The boy inherited his father’s love for music and can already be seen on Vanessa’s social media, singing with a guitar in his hands.


Sam Lloyd with son and wife Vanessa

Sam Lloyd now

Sam Lloyd played his final role in the 2019 television series “American Housewife.” Shortly before his son was born, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. It was later discovered that metastases had spread throughout his body from his lungs. Sadly, the doctors were unable to help, and Sam Lloyd died on April 30, 2020. In the summer of 2022, a memorial gathering was held in his honor in his home state of Vermont.

Published: May 20, 2024
Updated: June 24, 2024