Rahul Kohli

Rahul Kohli

Rahul Kohli, a distinguished British actor, first captured the public’s attention with his compelling portrayal in the television series “iZombie.” Beyond this breakout role, his versatile acting skills have been showcased across a variety of genres and projects from haunting and suspenseful narratives such as “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor,” to the deeply introspective and critically acclaimed series “Midnight Mass.”

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Rahul Kohli

Date of birth:

November 13, 1985

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London, United Kingdom





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6' 4" (1.93 m)



Early life

Born in the bustling city of London on November 13, 1985, Rahul’s family background is rooted in immigration. His mother spent her early years in Thailand, while his father lived in Kenya for much of his life. Their paths crossed in the UK, leading to marriage and eventually, Rahul’s birth. From his childhood, Rahul exhibited a knack for creativity, engaging in various artistic activities.

Throughout his schooling, Rahul actively participated in numerous school plays, showcasing his burgeoning talent for acting. Following his completion of high school, he pursued further education in college, initially aiming for a career in journalism. However, his journey took a turn as he explored acting through lessons at a drama school alongside his studies. This experience ignited a deeper passion for the performing arts, leading him to contemplate a future in the film industry after college.


Rahul Kohli in Fall of The House of Usher


Rahul Kohli’s professional journey in acting began soon after he graduated from college, with several years dedicated to performances at the esteemed Royal National Theatre. His foray into the world of cinema started in 2007 with roles in short films, marking his initial steps into acting with a project called “The Vacancy,” where he portrayed a character named Tom. This experience was soon followed by his involvement in two additional shorts, “Alone Together” and “I’ll Be Home Soon.”

By 2008, Kohli made his way into television, featuring in the British series “My Holiday Hostage Hell.” Four years later, in 2012, he expanded his acting resume with a part in an episode of “Holby City.” His role in “EastEnders” in 2013, where he acted alongside Patsy Palmer, Himesh Patel, and Gillian Taylforth, further solidified his presence in the industry.

In pursuit of broader horizons, Kohli relocated from London to Los Angeles in 2015, aiming to break into the Hollywood scene. His efforts were rewarded when he landed a role in “iZombie,” portraying Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, and starred with Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, and Aly Michalka.

The series debuted its first season in 2015, with its fifth and final season airing in 2019. During the same timeframe, Kohli also joined the cast of “Supergirl,” working alongside Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, and Chyler Leigh. He ventured into voice acting as well, lending his voice to two characters in the “Harley Quinn” web series: Dr. Jonathan Crane and Scarecrow.

October 2020 saw the release of “The Haunting of Bly Manor” on Netflix, featuring Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, T’Nia Miller, and Henry Thomas in leading roles. Kohli was selected for the role of Owen Sharma, contributing to a series that garnered acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

Rahul Kohli Movies and TV Shows

  • 2023

    The Fall of the House of Usher

    Napoleon Usher

  • 2022

    The Midnight Club

    Vincent Beggs

  • 2022

    Next Exit


  • 2021

    Midnight Mass

    Sheriff Hassan

  • 2020

    The Haunting of Bly Manor

    Owen Sharma

  • 2018

    Happy Anniversary


  • 2017–2019


    Jack Spheer

  • 2015–2019


    Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti

  • 2013



  • 2012

    Holby City

    Cal Nelson

Rahul Kohli’s personal life and family

Rahul Kohli’s heritage imparts him with a notable and appealing look, garnering him considerable attention from female admirers. However, he shows a preference for keeping his private life under wraps. The actor’s discussions are largely centered around his professional endeavors, leaving no insight into his marital status or any offspring to the media.


Rahul Kohli in Midnight Mass

Rahul Kohli now

Kohli’s acting career remains in full swing. The year 2021 saw the launch of “Midnight Mass,” where he was cast as Sheriff Hassan. During the production, Kohli forged connections with co-stars Hamish Linklater, Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, and Kristin Lehman. The following year, 2022, marked Kohli’s roles in “Next Exit” and the poignant narrative of “The Midnight Club.”

The year 2023 heralded the release of “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Netflix, a project that saw Kohli collaborate with Bruce Greenwood, Carl Lumbly, Carla Gugino, Mary McDonnell, and Henry Thomas. This project represents Kohli’s second collaboration with director Mike Flanagan. Looking ahead to 2024, Kohli is slated to feature in “Death and Other Details,” sharing the screen with Linda Emond, Violet Brinson, and Lauren Van Patten, promising more intriguing performances from the actor.

Published: February 15, 2024
Updated: July 22, 2024