Juliana Jay Harkavy

Juliana Harkavy

Juliana Harkavy, an acclaimed American actress, made her initial appearance on a movie set during her childhood, instantly realizing her passion for the arts. Her breakthrough role in “Dolphin Tale” put her on the map, but it was her portrayal of Black Canary in the superhero saga “Arrow” that catapulted her to fame.

What we know about this person

Full name:

Juliana Jay Harkavy

Date of birth:

January 1, 1985

Zodiac sign:



New York City, New York, USA





Marital status:

Married to Alexander Meimand




5' 8" (1.73 m)



Early life

Born in the heart of New York on the first day of 1985, Juliana Jay Harkavy inherited a rich cultural background. Her mother, Berta Carela, hailed from Santo Domingo as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, and she dedicated her life to the arts and education. Julianna’s father, Michael Harkavy, shared his life as a writer and sports enthusiast. By the time Juliana reached her early teens, she welcomed a younger sibling, August, into her life.

Raised in the bustling city of Los Angeles, Juliana was nurtured in an environment brimming with artistic influence. She frequented theater workshops, honing her inherent knack for performance. Fluent in French thanks to her education at the Lycée Français de Los Angeles, she furthered her acting studies for nearly a decade at the Young Actors Space. Julianna’s academic journey led her to the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts in New York, where she polished her craft and prepared for a luminous career ahead.


Juliana Harkavy in The Walking Dead


Juliana Harkavy’s journey into the realm of acting began in her tender years, encouraged by her parents who introduced her to the world of auditions. By the age of 10, she had already secured her first role, featuring in a Fox Kids commercial. Additionally, she took part in “A Little Princess,” where despite her role being uncredited, it was a significant step that reinforced her determination to become an actress.

Before making her mark in the industry, Harkavy took on small roles in various television films. Throughout her university days, she graced the stages of various youth theater productions and consistently engaged in workshops to hone her acting skills. Her participation in the short film “Whatever Lola Wants” in 2010 earned her a nomination at the Cannes Film Festival, marking a notable point in her early career.

The year 2011 saw Harkavy’s portfolio grow with her involvement in the comedy “Big Mike” and notably, her portrayal of Rebecca, a compassionate veterinarian in “Dolphin Tale.” The narrative revolves around the rehabilitation of a critically injured dolphin, with a cast that included notable names such as Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, and Morgan Freeman. Harkavy’s character was brought back in the sequel, “Dolphin Tale 2,” in 2014.

Harkavy also took center stage in the horror genre with “Last Shift,” where she depicted Jessica Loren, a novice police officer faced with a horrifying ordeal during her night shift. Her subsequent roles included performances in the thrillers “Dusk” and “House of Bodies,” expanding her versatility as an actress. Her guest appearances in acclaimed TV series “The Walking Dead” and “Constantine” further showcased her range.

In 2017, Harkavy stepped into the superhero universe with “Arrow,” a DC Comics-based series that saw her embodying Dinah Drake, or Black Canary. Known for her ability to unleash powerful sonic waves, this character became a significant part of Harkavy’s career. She even reprised this role in crossover episodes of “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” cementing her place within the DC television landscape.


Juliana Harkavy as Black Canary in Arrow

Juliana Jay Harkavy Movies and TV Shows

  • 2017, 2020

    Legends of Tomorrow

    Dinah Drake / Black Canary

  • 2017

    The Flash

    Dinah Drake / Black Canary

  • 2014

    Last Shift

    Officer Jessica Loren

  • 2014



  • 2014

    Dolphin Tale 2


  • 2013

    The Walking Dead


  • 2013



  • 2011

    Dolphin Tale


  • 2010

    Beach Cop



Juliana Harkavy in Last Shift

Juliana Harkavy’s personal life and family

Juliana Harkavy has entered into matrimony for a second occasion. Her initial union with entrepreneur Peter Kupchik spanned just shy of five years. The news of their separation was not immediately shared with the public. Yet, by mid-2020, it became public knowledge that Juliana had accepted a proposal from Alexander Meimand, a professional in the music industry. Their wedding took place on October 10, 2021. Although the pair do not have children, they share their home with dogs adopted from shelters.

Currently, Juliana Harkavy embodies the spirit of a dynamic and artistic soul, always on the move. She lends her support to animal shelters dedicated to the rescue of pets. In addition, her life is enriched with a variety of passions. Juliana is skilled in playing the piano, guitar, and flute, partakes in dance, sings, engages in painting, and crafts poetry and narrative writing. Cooking is another one of her pleasures. With an interest in psychology, she dedicates considerable effort towards nurturing her mental wellbeing.

Talk Shows

  • 2020

    Ok! TV

    Role: Guest

Juliana Harkavy now

Juliana Harkavy is steadfast in advancing her acting profession. Presently, she is involved in projects that allow for personal growth. She is perfecting her singing abilities, composing poetry, and exploring themes of self-acceptance, sharing these journeys with her online followers. On social media, she connects with an audience of over half a million followers, sharing her life and insights.

Published: April 5, 2024
Updated: May 30, 2024