Laura Elizabeth Harris

Laura Harris

Laura Harris, a film actress from Canada, rose to fame with her roles in “The Faculty,” as well as in TV series like “Dead Like Me” and “Women’s Murder Club.” Cinema has been a part of her life since a young age, and she made one of her first screen appearances in the renowned 1990 film “It” at the age of 14.

What we know about this person

Full name:

Laura Elizabeth Harris

Date of birth:

November 20, 1976

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Vancouver, Canada





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5' 6" (1.69 m)


130 lbs (59 kg)


actress, producer

Early life

Born on November 20, 1976, in Vancouver, Canada, Laura grew up in a middle-class family where her parents were educators. She has two brothers, who both pursued careers in law. Educated at Crofton House School, known for its rigorous academic environment, Laura was able to concentrate on her studies and work towards achieving her aspirations.

Laura exhibited her talent early on, but initially, her foray into the entertainment industry was through voice work in radio productions, not stage acting. At just five years of age, she voiced characters in radio dramas. By 12, she voiced a character in the animated series “The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil,” by Bob Clampett. Her first step into film acting came at 14, with a role in Stephen King’s “It.”

Following her portrayal as Loni in “It,” Laura garnered attention from film directors. From her teen years, she was frequently on movie sets. This bustling career made traditional college education challenging, so Laura opted for remote university studies, from which she successfully graduated.


Actress Laura Harris


Laura Harris’s career includes a diverse range of roles in both films and television, but she is predominantly recognized for her work on TV. She has appeared in episodes of “Highlander: The Series,” “The Odyssey,” and “The X-Files.” Her roles often portrayed enigmatic, mystical young women with deeper understanding and knowledge.

In Robert Rodriguez’s “The Faculty,” Harris played a transformative role as an alien queen attempting to assimilate with Earth’s students, a part that became a hallmark of her career. She also appeared in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” as Freddie, sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa Joan Hart, in another mystically themed role.

Harris is also acclaimed for her performances in “24,” directed by Jon Cassar, a blend of action and thriller genres, and David Grossman’s “Dead Like Me.” In the latter, she portrayed Daisy Adair, a reaper who harvests souls post-mortem. A departure from her typical roles was her involvement in the detective series “Women’s Murder Club.”

Laura Elizabeth Harris Movies and TV Shows

  • 2009–2014

    Warehouse 13 (episode “Merge with Caution”)

    Lauren Andrews

  • 2007–2008

    Women’s Murder Club

    Jill Bernhardt

  • 2004–2009

    Stargate Atlantis (episode “The Game”)


  • 2003–2004

    Dead Like Me

    Daisy Adair

  • 2001–2014


    Marie Warner

  • 2000–2015

    C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation (episode “Fallen Idols”)

    Diane Kentner

  • 1998

    The Faculty

    Marybeth Louise Hutchinson

  • 1996

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch


  • 1995–2000

    Sliders (episode “The Young and the Relentless”)

    Margo Hall

  • 1993–2018

    The X-Files (episode “Die Hand Die Verletzt”)


Laura Harris’ personal life and family

Currently single, Laura Harris has experienced several notable relationships but has never married or had children. Her first major relationship was with actor Johnny Galecki of “The Big Bang Theory” fame, lasting from 1996 to 1998. She also briefly dated actor Josh Hartnett in 1998. Her longest and most recent romantic involvement was with producer, actor, and writer Peter Huyck, starting in 2003. The details of their meeting and the current status of their relationship remain unknown to the public and media. Harris currently presents herself as not being in a relationship.


Laura Harris in The Faculty

Laura Harris now

Now at 46, Laura Harris continues her acting career in both films and TV shows, while keeping her personal life away from the media spotlight. Her net worth stands at an estimated $750,000. Outside of acting, she enjoys hobbies like motorcycling and horseback riding and participates in charitable activities, as well as studying socio-ecological systems.

Published: January 17, 2024
Updated: June 24, 2024